Dear Wayne and Shirley
We have bought and sold in excess of 10 houses as personal residences, many of them model homes or new houses built by top builders in various areas of the province. Without a doubt, our current home, (and hopefully our last), built by Faas Construction, is the best of the best.
Mike & Martha Sheppard

Dear Wayne:
This is the second house we have built and my husband and I were not looking forward to it. Our first experience was more like a nightmare that we did not want to repeat. Happily, this was like a dream. We could not believe how smoothly everything went. Wayne had everything running like clockwork. It was unbelievable. He was there to watch over things and the workers were excellent in their areas. They all cleaned up after every session was through. Both of us keep saying to one another, “I can’t believe this is our home”. There isn’t one thing we would change. Thanks Wayne for taking care of us.
Reg. & Jean Fisher

Dear Wayne
Amazingly a quick trip to Tim Hortons for a cup of morning coffee turned out to be the most expensive- but the best cup we ever had. The Faas advertisement going through the drive thru just seems to say “barry here’s your new builder!! Our coffee gone… the morning chat complete it was decided that we would call Wayne Faas to see if he would be interested in building us a quaint, cozy new home on the farm.

That summer was the best, living in the old farmhouse, and taking in the daily process- sweeping up the dust/dirt at the end of many days was a sheer pleasure. We already loved our new home, and looked forward to the morning arrival of everyone who worked so diligently to make it lovely.

Wayne, “your house” had become “our home”, and we love it!! You have reached every expectation and more. Your talent, patience, trust and friendship will always be valued. Our wish for you… “That every home you build ends as happily as ours”

What a home you have built for us!!
Love- Barry & Elaine


" Our current home, built by Faas Construction, is the best of the best."

"You have reached every expectation and more. What a home you have built for us!"